Are you looking for places to go this summer, and you can make up your mind?

I can give you ten good reasons for coming to Madrid this summer…

1. As I write this, I’m sitting in one of the nice terraces in the centre of Madrid, on a lovely sunny day… the weather is fantastic (a little bit hot, but in the shade and having a cold drink, as you watch people go by, it is fantastic!). You’ll be amazed by Madrid’s blue sky and very special light, and the great amount of sun you can have every day.



2. The terraces, as you walk around you’ll be surprised of how lively this city is! The streets are always (and by this I mean always, from 9 am to 3 am) crowded with people, here they are making life in the street. The terraces are the perfect spot to watch the city life on first row… also there are many in which you can have amazing food.

3. The spirits are always high in Madrid; summer seems as a happy mood season. Madrilènes are always happy, friendly and willing to give you a hand, they help you find your way in the city, and they are very fun and they do their best to communicate with you.

4. Whenever the temperature gets too high, you can always go to a public pool; very good fares, good layout in different spots in the city; my favourites: Piscina Saiz de Baranda, Moncloa, Complutense…and freshen up.

5. Museums; what new can I say? When you feel like seeing some nice painting, you have in a excellent location, and a walk away, the three painting stars Museo del Prado, Museo Reina Sofia and Museo Thyssen Bornemisza , these three form what is known as the Triangle of Arts ( they are located very nearby) . I personally recommend some others Museo Convento de las Descalzas Reales (amazing building, excellent paintings, with guided tours in English), Museo Sorolla, Academia de San Fernando.

6. Retiro Park it’s true that Madrid does not have a beach, but having the “Parque del Retiro “in the middle of the city, you won’t miss it. It is an amazing natural site, has a great pond in the middle with fantastic sculptures all around. In the summer, under the shade of a tree is another great spot to enjoy Madrid. And if you like sports, feel free to practice your favourite, there’s plenty of room!

7. Now it’s time to eat something, one of the best options is going out for tapas. The tapas are great representations of the typical Mediterranean diet. The best part is the ritual about the tapas, you go there and share the food with your friends while you have a beer or a glass of wine, then you hop to another tapas bar, and try some more, in the meantime you talk and socialize, it’s really fun. There is a large variety of tapas, one of my favourites: the pincho de tortilla! One of the nicest places to go for tapas in Madrid is the Latina district. For more information about tapas in Madrid visit:

8. So, now after a real tapas diner, you are ready for a drink and a little party around. Madrid is also amazing for its night life. You can find party spirits high everyday of the week, amazing! There are so many places for going out and having fun, doesn’t matter what your taste in music or party is, you’ll find the right place. People are very friendly and you will have great night. I your party spirits are high, don’t worry party is nonstop at Madrid. For more information about party places at Madrid you can check:

9. Since people in Madrid are always nice and friendly, you’ll find it almost mandatory to learn Spanish, you can use your summer / holiday spare time in Madrid to make a Spanish course and since Madrid is a friendly city you will have plenty of time to practice in real life situations. Madrid is an open city for people coming from abroad.

10. To relax after a tiring, week a great option is to go to the movies, a good option for knowing the countries culture is going to watch a real Spanish movie ( it might be a little hard if you Spanish Skills are not to high), you will really enjoy it; don’t miss directors such as world famous Almodovar and Amenabar. If you feel like watching international movies, don’t worry in the centre of the city you will find several theatres which play movies in original version.
Now I gave you ten reasons for spending a great holyday in Madrid with my own, very personal view of what I like the most of this wonderful city. Hope this post will help you make out your mind and enjoy Madrid a little more this summer.

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