Learn Spanish and Sail in Madrid

Learn Spanish and Sail in Madrid

You´d better set sails in a sunny  breeze day to navigate Madrid yes Sir, you do it when you leave your hotel with a map of the city in hand, not to ask questions at the front desk to guide you;  for you are the master when you sail out on the street because you speak Spanish !!.

Now you are sailing in a city that has many, many harbors for you to cast anchor, not only the magnificent museums that tell important spans of a history closely leagued to Europe. But life goes by , and if you for a chance feel as for wine the Mercado de San Miguel is a harbor to cast anchor for it and gulp down one glass at least, not forgetting the tapas to consort with, I strongly advise the “pincho detortilla”, it is something ! . …………”hola, me da un vino y un pincho de tortilla por favor !” and “gracias” when you are served.

Great for this while in Madrid, but to add a short leg to your visit,  it is time to weigh anchor and sail to Segovia………….lost?, no you are not because you speak Spanish and can read the signs or ask for instructions to reach a bus/ train terminal.

When I come back I´ll tell you about the gastro-goodies in Segovia.

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