DELE is the official Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language.  It’s a door opener when looking for a job as it certifies your Spanish knowledge/ level.

  1. You will get official certification (diploma) by Instituto Cervantes
    DELE Exam in Madrid

    DELE Exam in Madrid

  2. It’s a formal way to  prove your Spanish skills
  3. It’s a great way to wrap up all you know about  Spanish, as the test will involve all aspects of Spanish, listening, reading, writing and speaking
  4. By preparing for the DELE exam you will review and work on those aspects of Spanish which may need a little polishing
  5. There are courses available to help you prepare and succeed when taking the DELE exam

Dele exam preparation courses are flexible in length and intensity, so you only focus on the preparation you need, and with the anticipation that better works for you. If you want to join our DELE exam preparation courses just e-mail us now!  we´ll be happy to hear from you

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