dele-preparation-classesIn Language4Students, we are eager to help you prepare your DELE exam in the right amount of hours you need. We have designed these special classes to adapt to your needs.

We have DELE preparation classes for each level, and with the right amount of hours you need: 12, 24 or 48 hours. We adapt the intensity of the classes according to your time availability and the need of reviewing specific aspects that the DELE Exam will test on you.

So, if you feel you need more hours and want to study a lot more, we can make it an intense course, if you have plenty of time and there is still time to go until the exam date comes, we can set up a lighter schedule for you.

Our classes are really practical and we check on every aspect that the DELE exam will asset, so that you gain confidence and have the chance to improve.

Our DELE Exam preparation Classes are available all year round

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