So you‘ve been learning Spanish for a while, now what? You want to make it official.
The process is simple… Take the DELE Exam.

What is DELE exam?
The DELE is the official Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language, given through the Instituto Cervantes in the name of Spain’s Ministry of Education. It certifies your abilities and competencies with Spanish tongue. The Universidad de Salamanca is the organization in charge of preparing the exams, assessment of the results, and giving the final grades for the exams.

Which are the levels for the DELE Exam?
There are different levels according to the students’ knowledge of Spanish.

  • Level A1- certifies that the student knows basic Spanish to understand and use daily expressions enough to satisfy basic needs.
  • Level B1 (Inicial) – This level accredits sufficient knowledge of the language to understand and react in situations which require an elementary use of the language, also to communicate wishes and needs.
  • Level B2 (Intermedio) – Accredits Linguistic competency to communicate in ordinary daily situations which do not require specialized knowledge of the language.
  • Level C2 (Superior)- This level accredits higher linguistic competencies , enough to communicate in situations which require an extensive knowledge of the tongue and the cultural habits.

When do the DELE exams take place?
Every year the Instituto Cervantes fixes the dates of the exams, for 2009 these are the dates of the exams in Spain:

  1. May: 15th exam. Inscription: from March 2nd to April 24th
  2. August: 21st exam. Inscription: from July 13th to July 31st
  3. November: 13th exam. Inscription: from September 1st to October 16th

How can I get ready for the DELE exam?
In Language4Students we have developed special courses for you to prepare for the DELE exam in the best possible way. We have classes to review all contents that will be tested in each level. And we make them flexible for you; according to you needs we will give you the right amount of hours you need; 12, 24, 48 hours specially dedicated to DELE exams. These classes can be taken individually or in mini groups. You can begin any time of the year, any week.

How can I enrol for the preparation Classes DELE?
The process is very easy; just send us an email to: We will e mail a skill test, and as soon as one of our teachers has graded it we will let you know when you can begin.

How much will it cost?
The fees for these courses depend on the amount of hours you need, and the kind of group you want. For more information check our price list at the very end.