Once you know your arrival date and your accommodation in Madrid, keep this tips in hand for finding the Spanish school that will fulfill all your needs.

  1. Look for a school with experience, browse the internet to find one which gives you confidence.  Learn about its team and read comments from its students.
  2. Look at the school’s location; make sure the commute from your home /work place is good.  Check out the metro and/or  bus
    Spanish Schools In Madrid

    Spanish Schools In Madrid

    websites to verify this.

  3. Make sure the school offers the kind of Spanish Course you are looking for, i.e. Spanish intensive classes,  year round courses (extensive Spanish courses), or One to One classes
  4. Always check the class schedules before enrolling, make sure you’ll have enough time to make it to the school and back home without needing to rush. Also check their offer depending on your availability morning or evening
  5. A good advice if you are new in town is to check for additional activities, social and cultural. This is a great way to meet people like you and to get to better know the city

Enjoy your stay and your Spanish learning in Madrid!

If you need help or further advice in locating a school that suits your needs, feel free to contact us at: info@language4students.com