Why?  Because once you are in a Spanish speaking city, you’ll learn not only at the school but all day long! …In a fun way.

You will notice how, in a short time your Spanish skills will boost.
First you’ll have to move around in town, so you’ll have to learn to make simple questions of how to go places, costs, and requests such as food and drink, or time.
Another important practice which takes place out of the school is the small talk. Once you socialize a bit with locals you will quickly pick up local expressions for salutation for weather, sports, family, etc.
These are only simple examples of the advantages of learning Spanish abroad, you get to immerse in the language almost without noticing it.
Important! To fully profit from the experience, it is advisable you mingle with locals. A good option to get started is to stay in a family accommodation; you’ll practice Spanish and get to know the culture from the inside. You can also look for language interchange evenings, locals will welcome you.
So give it a thought, look for an exciting Spanish speaking destination, find a good school and go for it!  It’s definitely a worthwhile experience.

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