A friend of mine used to be one; no problem as long as he always was wary of the obstacles.  He never bumped with anything! For long time he kept sleepwalking.



Once he even stepped into a noisy party!  Can you picture such embarrassment? It was a shock for everyone at the party, however they were most comprehensive and nice trying to give help and support while my friend tried to find suitable words to explain his condition.  At last he was amiably invited to join their party.

We could parallel this situation, to when you arrive in a place where don’t  know the  language.   At the end you will be understood and you will be comfortable communicating with the persons you are to meet, but in the mean time you are missing part of the fun.

To avoid this, start right away communicating and enjoying!  So, don’t miss more time and join a language school now!

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Image source: www.loripuente.com