You have everything ready to go, ID of course, luggage carefully packed with all the necessary items.

Travel & learn Spanish

Travel & learn Spanish

You are a wise person, you do not want to waste your precious time when in Spain in the tedious process of finding means of communication as you do not command Spanish language, you go abroad to enjoy  what the country offers right on the spot. You might have learned enough Spanish for what you feel will be useful for basic communication from customs, cab driver to hotel etc., at your arrival in Madrid.

Yet you might miss something important; the day per day language that enables you to communicate with the persons you are to get in contact with. For sure you will not find it in dictionaries, the only way to learn that  Spanish is mingling with that people, in an easy going chit-chat.

Sounds hard?

No, it is not because in Madrid you can find a good Spanish School and you will end up with a two folded benefit: you learn Spanish plus you’ll meet and understand the friendly Spanish people.

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