Are you looking for Spanish classes for a school?  This is the right place to find them.

For several years now, we have carefully prepared a Spanish course offer for schools from the EU and overseas.

Spanish classes for groups

Spanish classes for groups

We provide Spanish group classes to students from 7 to 18 years old.  The teacher gets in touch with us and will let us know the program they’ve covered throughout the school year.  Then we build a solid intensive Spanish Course to meet the student’s level and learning needs.

According to the age, and profile of the group, we also prepare leisure activities; culture, tourism, sports, so the Spanish practice does not end at the school. Students will have fun and practice in a natural relaxed atmosphere.  That’s what we call this an “Immersion Spanish Training Experience“.

Most important part of this whole experience is that in a short time period, students boost their Spanish level, and have a great time, which encourages them to continue their Spanish learning back at their school.

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