1. The class should be fun. Your teacher has to make the class engaging and fun, so that you are looking forward to go, even if it involves topics such as grammar. A good teacher will find a way to teach it in a compelling way.
  2. You must find a class for your specific Spanish level, it’s boring if you go to a lower level class, where you will go through basic concepts you already know or if it’s too high then you’ll feel lost.
  3. A small group, if you take part of a small size group, it will be easier to participate and have the teacher’s attention, also you get better chances to meet and relate to your classmates.
  4. Schedule and intensity. You need to think about the rest of your day, and activities, so if you’re fully devoted to learning Spanish perhaps an intensive Spanish class in the mornings is a good option, but if you also study/work, you might find it better to have classes just twice a week.  We all need a break when studying!
  5. Classes need to be dynamic. If you find it hard to attend and place all your thoughts in the class, perhaps you might want to look for a better option. A very important part of learning is enjoying and a simple way to get there is by making learning fun and dynamic.

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