Yes, you are not when you learn a new language because for so doing  you see with fresh eyes a new culture, and new ways of communicating.

Lear Spanish - never the sameIs that easy?  Yes, if you find a good quality school which provides the bases of communication, grammar, and basic understanding of the language structure. If then you complement this valuable lessons by living even a short stage in the source of the language, then you’ll find it easier.  When  mingling  with the native speakers along the learning you are able to develop sort of a osmosis to capture that not verbal particularities  of the communication.

Too serious the matter up to here?. Yes it looks like, let’s put aside the seriousness to take in account the fun of sharing the learning with classmates that come to Madrid not only to learn Spanish but to enjoy the many activities and places the city offers. Also the fun of meeting native Spanish speakers as they are amiable, always ready to give you a hand.

It is time for a serious thought  to decide to come to Madrid to learn Spanish.

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