High quality Spanish Classes in Madrid

We are experts in teaching Spanish as a foreign language with a clear objective; to offer high quality courses to ensure effective learning.

We design Intensive Spanish Courses for Groups coming from abroad; we prepare ad hoc Spanish programs for each group, according to the age and profile of the group.

Our Spanish courses pursue the total immersion of the student into Spanish. That is why we complement out academic program with cultural and leisure activities to make the student live Spanish, by facing the language in a natural manner.

The most economical source to interactive Spanish group lessons

Interested in learning Spanish with your friends in Madrid? Contact Language4Students. We offer Spanish courses for groups at economical deals for an interactive learning experience. These Spanish immersion courses have been designed for groups coming from abroad.

Our teachers strive to teach Spanish in a simple, coherent and pragmatic manner by analyzing the profile (age, level and course length) of each group. Aside from offering individualized attention, they also make the learning experience enjoyable and memorable.

Language4Students combines academics with cultural and leisure activities to make groups learn Spanish in a real-world environment. We also provide suitable accommodation option for each group, depending on their profile and specific needs.

 • Enhance knowledge of a foreign language by making the learning experience positive and motivating.

• Ensure effective learning of Spanish, among every pupil in a group, by having a personalized and interactive approach.

• Provide high quality Spanish Programs for every group, by designing specific contents according to the group’s profile (level, age, course length, etc).

• Accomplish high efficiency results, by working on specific improvement areas of the group.

• Promote tolerance and intercultural values trough education.

The communicative method which we use in our classes, makes learning easier; the pupil approaches the language by having to interact with it.

• It is proven that enjoying a language is the best way to learn, that is why we make a big effort to accomplish this objective: every student must enjoy, reaching better results.

• The extra activities we provide, are a fun dynamic way of practicing the language, and are the perfect complement for the classes.

• The understanding of the culture also helps the learning process of the language, that’s an important added value of our courses.

Our Spanish Courses for groups aim to teach the language in a simple and clear manner. To provide a highly effective academic program for the group, our teacher staff deeply studies the profile of the group:

• Contents seen during the academic year ( if so)

• Level of Spanish

• Age of the pupils

• Mother tongue

• Results of test made to asset pupils knowledge

• Length of the course

After analyzing all the information, our teacher staff develops the Spanish program that best suits the group. The program (objectives, contents, sub groups, and schedules) must be approved by our head of studies, and by the person the University/School appoints.

 From absolute beginners to high knowledge of Spanish, we work with the levels stated on the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”.

• Beginners A1

• Pre-Intermediate A2

• Intermediate B1

• Advanced B2

• Superior C1

• Superior Plus C2

The activity program is developed ad hoc for every group, according to the group’s profile. The activities are meant to complement the classes in a fun dynamic way whilst discovering Spain and its culture.

At Langugae4Students we care about fun and enjoying the trip that is why we carefully develop a specific activity program for every group, to match culture, learning and fun.

We locate and provide the most suitable accommodation option for each group depending on the profile, the length of the course and any special need. It is very important that the students feel at home throughout the course.

Among our accommodation options we have:

• Our own student houses

• Youth hostels

• Accommodation in family houses

• Lodgement in hotels

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