Right from the get-go of my half-year stay in Madrid I was looking for Spanish classes in order to improve my communication and grammar skills. Surfing the web for possibilities I got to know Language 4 Students and found exactly what I had in my mind: Classes twice a week in small groups, easy to reach from where I was living and all for an appropriate price. To get more information I wrote an email which was answered quicker than quick and I was happy about the warm and friendly feedback and the possibility of directly taking up classes even in the same week.

Katharina Klein

Katharina Klein

I very much liked the classes which always took place in a funny and relaxed atmosphere and above all I was very pleased that I could always ask all my questions coming up during my daily life at work or in general. Our teacher was always full of high spirits and even managed to motivate us after long days of work or exhausting weekend trips with little sleep.

Amazing was also the ‘after-class’ vino y tapas get-together where we enjoyed fantastic Spanish tapas and the chat with other students from different courses.

Summing up I had a great time at Madrid4Students due to the perfect learning atmosphere and the friendliness of everybody. I learned a lot of things that both helped me in daily conversations and life in Spain in general but also will be very useful for upcoming Spanish terms at university.

That’s why I’d like to say a big thanks for everything to the team of the school.