Country of Origin: Germany
Occupation: Estudiante/Student


Por mi parte, solo puedo recomendar participar en los cursos de Language4Students, porque he adquirido una experiencia muy buena con esta escuela de idiomas: Cursos adecuados para cualquier nivel con profesores comprometidos, majos y muy competentes y todo eso a un precio razonable. Tanto la atmósfera del curso relajado y divertida como los contenidos me gustaban. Además, el éxito de los estudios ha sido muy positivo para mí.

From my point of view, I can just recommend to everybody the courses at Language4Students. It´s due to the fact that I gained really good experience with them considering different issues: On the one hand there are available appropriate courses for every level and with really nice, qualified and dedicated teachers. On the other hand, you can take classes at a reasonable price while having also a relaxed and pretty funny atmosphere. Furthermore, all the course contents were very interesting and you also have the right to choose or to say what you like to learn during the lessons. Finally, I learned a lot of important things and subtleties of the Spanish language.