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The holidays are almost here, so we thought it would be a good idea to teach some words and phrases for Christmas. christmas-expressions December is the perfect month -for obvious reasons- to practice some Spanish Christmas Expressions. During this time of the year, many conversations are focused around Christmas, so you'd better be able to express yourself fluently in those conversations.

Spanish Christmas Vocabulary

We'll start with some basic, but helpful expressions.
  • Merry Christmas [Feliz Navidad]
  • Prosperous new year [Próspero Año Nuevo]
  • Christmas Eve [Nochebuena]
  • Christmas dinner [La cena de Navidad]
  • Christmas tree [Árbol de navidad]
  • Christmas carol [un villancico]

Christmas Expressions in Spanish

  • What did you get for Christmas? [¿Qué te regalaron por Navidad?]
  • The Christmas spirit [El espíritu navideño]
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