Let me spare details of when I first went to a hardware store in Spain.  I was keeping in mind to get stuck to the pronunciation in order to expedite my errands. But, the mess started as I made my request…

The clerk made a funny face, perhaps thinking I went into the wrong store. After several attempts to communicate I ended up making a lousy drawing of the tool I needed.

Laughs came for both of us when I explained the guy (a very nice person), that as in Spanish, I was taught, the “H” has no sound, hence I was pronouncing the word as I thought it shall sound.

The H word

The H word

-          “That is but true, he said, but as a rule the exception is: when the H is preceded by the letter C and followed by a vowel, the group CH is pronounced as in English is the group SH, but sharper. “

-          “Thank you my friend, and now let’s get into business……quiero comprar un HASHA”

-           “Good” he said, “But that SH sharper… HACHA.”

The history ends up with me leaving the hardware store with my new, sharp AX!

Just one story of funny situations you face when learning Spanish…

Share your story with us… we’ve all had them…

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Image source: eofdreams.com