The above is but one of the many colloquial expressions of Spanish.  All of them are funny and plenty of sense, saying in a short burst of words what can otherwise could take more elaborated sentences.

Actually, in summer time, you can expect to read “joé qué caló” on T-shirts on the street, specially if you are in the south of Spain.  It makes reference to the temperature, and coping with it. I will not go any further on its meaning. ..

It’s up to you to ask the people you are to meet in Spain, the meaning of this and many other sayings you’ll read/hear when you’re out and about.

Spanish schools don’t tend to teach sayings or colloquial sentences. But provide you with the basic tools to be able to understand and ask; hence enrich your vocabulary and cultural background.

So don’t be shy, just ask for the real meaning of “joé qué caló”, next time you’re facing a Spanish person.

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