But Alas! That many meanings for a single and short word?

Learn Spanish, ther good way

Learn Spanish, ther good way

Yes Sir!that happens very often when you rely on the dictionary  to explore other language than yours. Stop the guessing and immerse yourself in the source of the language you are interested in. No need to throw coins in the air to decide the meaning that makes sense.

Spanish is a rich language that carries words inherited from Latin, Arabic and Celtic, but it does not makes a mess to the language, all them go harmonically to end up with a comprehensive and logical language; read it and pronounce it as Spanish has no phonemes with a different pronunciation from whatis written.

What is  best is to be surrounded by Spanish speaking persons, mingling with them their day per day  will be yours too, not guessing comes up for you are exposed to circumstances that fit the different instances for a word or a sentence.

Summer is a great season to be in Spain, it is up to you to make a smart move, go to Spain, enjoy the country and go back home with a more valuable than a souvenir……the language. It will not be a MILAGRO.

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