There are quite a few methodologies for learning a new language: learning by doing, learning the theory and then apply what you´ve learnt, etc.

One method we are strongly against is giving our students translation exercises. Why? Because you cannot speak a foreign language fluently if you just try to translate every word you are thinking from one language to the other.

Translation as a learning method that doesn´t work: That´s a fact.
Scientific studies have proven time and time again translating is an ineffective method for learning.

Instead of looking for an academy that gives you translation exercises, you should look for the type of classes that immerse you in the language so that you begin thinking in that language.

So, how do you find a class that truly makes you think in a different language?

Fun classes! Where you can relax and really think in Spanish. Learn and enjoy while doing it. Our Spanish lessons are fun and dynamic, so that you can learn in an effective way.

Translating one word at a time it´s not only slow and ineffective, it can also be really painful to learn a new language.
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